Baby tells mom naturally

Mother’s instincts and baby’s responses are naturally designed for breastfeeding.  But if her baby could tell Mom anything to make it all go smother, what would it be?
The first drops of milk you make are all I need to start my body growing.  The colostrum contains directions, amazing nutrition and protection for me to last a lifetime!
Don’t worry about making enough milk for me.  If you hold me so close our skin touches and have patience with how often I have to practice finding my place, I can actually help tell you how much food I need.
My tummy is my happy place.  It takes a few weeks for me to stretch out and unfold.  On my tummy, on your body is the best place for hat to happen.  Our hormones rise, more milk is made, I learn to feed even better, and we are both happier.
Making milk is your Superpower!  The five different sugars in breast milk protect my tummy from germs, keep all of me healthy, and even tell my brain to grow.  No one else makes food that is just right for me.
You can get tired learning something new.  We both need to rest a lot and you have to eat for energy to make milk.  Getting support gives you energy too, so introduce me to your family and take time to share your new adventure with your friends.
So, keep me close, feed me your milk often, let me practice until I find the right place to nurse comfortably for both of us, and trust me to order up the right amount of milk as our eyes meet while you watch me grow.
submitted by Anne M. Beckman RN IBCLC