Women Infants Children (WIC)

  • WIC: Women Infants and Children

WIC is a food supplement and nutrition education program for pregnant and postpartum women, infants and children up to age 5 years.  WIC encourages breastfeeding  and supports breastfeeding  with  a peer breastfeeding program that enables moms-to-be Mother nurturing child abstract logo for Goodhue Wabasha Pierce Counties Breastfeeding Coalitionand new moms to talk with peers who have also breastfed and are trained to provide breastfeeding information and support.
The Goodhue County WIC Program provides services at various locations in the County.  Participants qualify for WIC based on financial eligibility and nutritional need.

Services Available for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC is a nutritional program that helps families eat well and stay healthy.  The program provides:

*Support and help with breastfeeding

*One-on-one counseling about nutrition

*Nutrition education

*Vouchers to buy healthy foods

*Referrals to other health and social services


Participating in the  WIC Program

WIC is available to people meeting the following requirements:

*Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or recently had a baby (one year after your baby is born if breastfeeding, six months after if not breastfeeding)

*Infants from birth to one year of age

*Children from one year of age to their fifth birthday

Check income eligibility requirements for WIC by following this link 


Goodhue County WIC:  651-385-4782, b.haines@co.goodhue.mn.us

*Red Wing – Colvill Family Center, 269 East 5th Street

*Cannon Falls (2nd Thurs, AM) – 1st English Lutheran Church, 511 Belle Street West

*Kenyon (2nd Tues, AM) – St Michael’s Church, 108 Bullis Street

*Zumbrota (1st Thurs) – United Redeemer Church, 560 3rd Street West

Wabasha County WIC:  651-565-5200

*Wabasha (Tues and Thurs) – 411 Hiawatha Drive East

Pierce County WIC:  715-273-6758, mary.hall@co.pierce.wi.us or kbartko@co.pierce.wi.us

*Ellsworth (1st Fri, 2nd Weds, 3rd Sat, 4th Thurs) – Pierce Cty Office Bldg, 412est Kinne Street

*River Falls (2nd and 4th Tues) – Lower Level Edina Realty, 174 South Riverwalk

*Prescott (3rd Tues, even months) – United Church of Christ, 206 Locust Street

*Spring Valley (3rd Tues, odd months) – St John’s Church, S520 Church Avenue

For more information contact us at: Colvill Family Center, 269 East 5th Street, Red Wing, MN, Tel:651-385-4782



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