Resource Page For Mothers

Breastfeeding Websites for Parents:Mother nurturing child abstract logo for Goodhue Wabasha Pierce Counties Breastfeeding Coalition

  • Baby Gooroo website has information related to all things baby, especially breastfeeding.   Short video clips (1-3 minutes) are very informative and demonstrate latch, positioning in addition to many other topics of interest to new parents. for video clips

  • Breast Feeding Inc.:  Dr. Jack Newman and Edith Kernerman, IBCLC website has video clips and handouts for viewing, downloading and printing.  Videos on latch, positioning, compression at Handouts that can be viewed and printed

  • Kellymom:  Parenting & breastfeeding website is very user-friendly and has evidence-based information that is updated regularly.  Great topics for new parents includes:

  • It’s Only Natural provides information and tips for African American women and their families on how to make breastfeeding work.

  • La Leche League International has links to finding local support groups, Leaders, articles, FAQs and information in many other languages.

  • Laid-back positioning video, about 3 minutes,  by Susanne Colson, PhD

  • Postpartum Depression & Baby Blues – basic information can be found at To learn more about depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy and for resources in Minnesota, see or Expert information on postpartum issues, sites in English and Spanish


Pumping & Hand Expression Resources on the Internet

  • Breast Feeding Medicine of NE Ohio has a 5 minute video on how to do hand expression.

They include: “Video of hand expression of colostrum” “Maximizing Milk Production with Hands On Pumping” – excellent for those who will be separated from baby due to work, school or hospitalization.

  • Ameda, a breast pump manufacturer, has information sheets on pumping available in English and Spanish Some examples are: “Reaching Full Milk Production with a Breast Pump” “Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple” “Storing and Handling Mother’s Milk”

  • Breastfeeding and Working, support for pumping moms, a mostly non-commercial site for those who work outside the home.

  •  Breastmilk.  Every Ounce Counts.  Great information for getting off to a good start and what to expect in the early days.  Also provides a checklist for those going to work outside the home.

  • Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition has information about breastfeeding in the workplace, state laws that support breastfeeding and resources for mothers, employers, health care and child care providers. All resources listed above are meant for educational purposes only.  No products are being endorsed.Mother nurturing child abstract logo for Goodhue Wabasha Pierce Counties Breastfeeding Coalition


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